Silicone Implants: Truths and Myths

Silicone Implants

There are quite a number of myths that people have believed over the years when it comes to the whole concept of cosmetic surgery. Since cosmetic or plastic surgery is not well understood, some people take the word “plastic” literally to assume that plastics are the ones used to perform these surgeries.

We are going to look at some myths and truths that revolve around breast silicone implants; but first, let’s begin by understanding why silicon implants are used in breast surgery. The main objective of undergoing a breast implant is to fix aesthetic shortcomings that women have in their breasts. A breast silicone implant can make a woman’s breast look perky, and it can increase the breast size.

Potential candidates for a breast implant procedure are usually shocked by the myths and rumors that surround breast implant surgery. If you plan to have a breast silicone implant procedure, and you don’t know what the surgery is going to do for you, you need to be aware of the differences between the facts from the myths. Let us dive in into the different worlds of myths and facts about silicone implants.

Myth#1: Breast silicone implants are prone to bursting

Breast silicone implants

Fact: silicone implants are not subject to ruptures as it is popularly misunderstood. Silicone implants are made to withstand any force or pressure. Additionally, silicone implants undergo rigorous testing to make them durable enough. They have to be tested to make sure that they can tolerate the daily activities of an average woman. It is very rare to encounter ruptured implants. But to enjoy the benefits they offer, you have to take care of them.

Myth#2: Breast implants usually seem fake and unnatural

Fact: saline implants can look unnatural, but silicone implants look natural although they are not that obvious. The best way to determine if breast implants are natural or unnatural solely depends on the size of the implants. If you place implants that are larger than your usual breast size, then they will appear unnatural or false. Also, the skill and experience of your plastic surgeon are also critical in delivering natural looking breasts. Therefore, when you visit a plastic surgeon for a breast implant, ensure that the surgeon is board certified.

Myth#3: all breast implants have the same result

Breast silicone implants

Fact: different breast implant surgeries deliver different aesthetic outcomes because of different reasons. It is not a guarantee that your friend’s great breast implant results will be the same for you if you go and do the same procedure. The results of a breast implant procedure depend on the size of the implant, the type of implant among other factors like the existing breast composition of your body. Additionally, It also depends on the experience of your surgeon.

Remember that your friend’s breasts did not resemble your breasts at the first place, so the results of your breasts after the surgery will not be the same as your friends. Every woman’s breasts are unique because of the breast tissue, and the aesthetic imperfections, which will eventually make the breast implant results different for different women.

Myth#4: Women get breast implants to attract their life partners

Fact: on the contrary, women go for breast implants to overcome their self-esteem. There are many women who feel insecure because of their flat, sagging or smaller breasts. The breast implant procedure that women go through are intended to boost their self-confidence and make their breasts look bigger because of the silicone implants.

Because the breasts are made of fat cells and tissues, one way to change the way they look and make them look perky is to use silicone implants. The breasts of a woman ideally balance out their shape; implants help to achieve this objective.

One of the reasons women go for breast implants is for cosmetic purposes; the other major reason is to restore breasts after breast cancer treatments or after an accident. There are women who go for surgeries because they don’t get clothes that fit them well because of the small or flat breasts they have.

Myth#5: if your breasts are not symmetrical, the surgeon will operate on the smaller breast to plant the implant for it to match the larger breast.

Fact: there are several aesthetic shortcomings that women have. Although some are visible, there are other subtle ones. For example, smaller breasts have less skin, and once silicone implants are placed in them, they will be different. This is among the reasons as to why plastic surgeons will look to examine the proportionality of both breasts for an ideal implant size to be used. In most cases, both breasts will undergo breast implants to make them more symmetrical.

Myth#6: Breast implants interfere with your breastfeeding capacity

Fact: this is an overstatement. Although some women can have a difficult time to breastfeed after the implant surgery, it occurs rarely. Most women breastfeed just fine without any problems once they are through with the surgery. In most cases, most of the women who undergo surgery have no plans of getting pregnant.

Myth#7: Breast implants is a procedure done for patients who desire to have C shaped breasts

Fact: women have distinctively different breast shapes and sizes. When silicone implants are placed in the breasts, it will increase the breast size as well as define a great shape for the breasts. There are different types of implants that come in different sizes and shapes. This allows the plastic surgeon to make the desires of the patients come true while still ensuring that safety is observed throughout the surgery.

Myth#8: Breast implants are usually placed under the muscle of the breast

Fact: It cannot be denied that silicone implants that are positioned below the muscle of the breast bring out a great result, but there are times that placing the implant above the breast muscle in the best alternative. The implant position depends on the skin availability, implant type, breast tissue, aesthetic goals and the implant composition.


Breast silicone implants bring about great results. They increase the breast size and even make them look perky with a well-defined shape. Breast implants are not only used to treat saggy breasts. Several misconceptions exist that cloud the breast implant surgery. Research as much as you can about breast implants to distinguish facts from myths. You can also consult a professional plastic surgeon to qualify the information you have gathered.

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