Getting Familiar with Crucial 20s Amino Acids

Basic Twenty Amino Acids and Related Information

An introduction to amino acids

Amino acids could be aptly said as an important as well as very basic protein unit and they consists of a carboxylic group and an amino group.  An extensive role is played by them in processes of gene expression that involves the protein functions adjustments which facilitates RNA messenger translation. Naturally, there have been more than 600 kind of amino acids discovered. These acids were uncovered in fungi, bacteria, algae, and in some other plants as well.

Highly beneficial acids

The amino acids are also found in the free form. Talking more specifically, there are about 20 amino acids which are highly profitable for life due to their constituents of proteins and peptides. They are also known for building the blocks for living organisms. They could be found in living cells as they are useful in protein synthesis. These 20 amino acids could come in control with genetics but all the natural amino acids do not stay here. As there are some unusual types found in seeds of plants, those are not important for a grown up plant. As told earlier, amino acids are highly beneficial for human health as well.

They help in promoting-

  • Hormones production
  • Muscles structure
  • Healthy functioning of nervous system of human body
  • Vital organs health
  • A sound structure of cells

In case of lack in amino acids, the process of protein synthesis does not take place. Along with that several other growth and functioning of human body in absence of alpha- amino acids, there are possibilities of irritability, fatigue, improper balance of hormones and even depression.


Alpha amino acids properties are quite complicated yet they could be explained as each of its molecules and it includes amino (-NH2) and carboxyl (-COOH). Along with that every molecule consists of an R group or side chain and alanine could be aptly said as a good example of standard amino acid (it is used in protein biosynthesis), every R group have distinct functions and properties. Simply, a crystalline solid that holds dissolving capacity in water are known as amino acids. On the other hand they only get dissolved slightly in natural solvents and extension of the solubility is based on the side chain’s size as well as nature. Although DNA evolves faster than amino acids but any changes in DNA, does not cause any affect on the properties or functions of amino acid.


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