What A Stem Cell Therapy Points To


Medical science has had a major transformation in the last few years. This is ever since it began practice a few years ago. To treat the various organs of the body scientists are exploring new forms of treatment. Stem cell is to treat a special health condition and the damaged tissues are repaired so as to provide you with temporary relief. It is going to be the approach to cure a wide variety of diseases in the days to come as well. Science has cast a web in order to cure various diseases and stem cell therapy happens to be one of them for sure.

The definition of stem cell therapy?

With the aid of stem cell therapy the damaged tissues are being replaced with healthy ones. This restores the normal functioning to a considerable extent. Even though the technique is new, but with each passing day a new trend is created in the medical world. The stem cells are normally obtained from the bone marrow. They are rated to the fundamental cells of the body and do possess the power to develop into any major tissue of the body. It works on the principle that the cells go on to move to the site of the injury and do have the ability to transform the new tissue cells and replace the damaged ones. It has to be understood that they are derived from the body, being observed under artificial conditions and then mature enough so as to treat a particular disease of the body. It has to be stated that there are a couple of therapies that could be adopted

  • Allogenic- the donated stem cells are being adopted but there are chances of rejection at the same time
  • Autologous- Here the own stem cells of the patient are being used.

The uses of stem cell therapy

It has to stated that with the aid of stem cells you can cure hair loss as well. Fat is being taken away from the stomach by the process of mini liposuction. This fat is empowered with stem cells of the dominant type and the stem cells are spun so that it is separated from the fat. Then you go on to add activation solution to these cells and this could be multiplied which is further dependant on the size of the bald area. Once it is activated you tend to wash off the solutions so that the stem cell only does remain. Then you would need to inject the stem cells on to the scalp. Then you could find some hair growth within a couple of weeks.

Risks and complications

As it happens to be a complex procedure, so it is only suggested that you opt for this method of treatment when all other forms of treatment have failed to churn in the desired results. Stem cell centres in India would work out to be a better choice as it is well equipped with the latest in technology along with treatment procedures.


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