Cook And Relish The Thai Food To The Utmost Satisfaction!

Cook And Relish The Thai Food To The Utmost Satisfaction

This makes the Thai food different and the best. As the cooking process of the Thai food items involve a lot of stewing, marinating, baking and grilling it gives them a distinctive presentation with a wonderful taste. Another most popular technique which is very often used in Thai cooking is pounding or coarsely bruising the herbs instead of chopping them. The process ensures that all the essential oils and medicinal properties of the herbs are retained infusing the meal offering it a fresh aroma.

Trying a Thai food is not that difficult for the meat lovers as one can look on for the thai food recipes in hindi and understand its ingredients to think of giving it a try in one of the best cuisines of the area.

Much to a surprise, the Thai food is low in calorie as it is largely stewed or grilled. In order to suit the regular preferences of the vegetarian, the Thai food have the simmering hot veggie delights that are fragrant with the herbs and are really mouth watering.

Explore the top 5 vegetarian recipes of Thai food –

  • The green papaya salad- The salads are said to have high fiber and low calorie counts. Thus, eating the Thai papaya salad means not compromising with the diet. The papaya which is freshly tossed in the herbs and spices looks so presentable with a sprinkle of lemon juice on it to give an additional taste.
  • Vegetable Thai curry- The curries are the best mix of a dish with lots of spices and herbs. It is the true menu for the food lovers. Here the host of fresh green leafy vegetables are cooked in fiery curry paste made with Thai rich herbs. For getting a creamy and aromatic experience, a mix of fresh coconut milk is added to give it the aromatic gravy to the vegetables.
  • Chilli broccoli salad- Another simple and easy dish on the Thai vegetarian menu is the chilli broccoli salad- The garden fresh broccoli is mixed with the zingy flavors of tomato puree, curd, orange juice and some spices with a topping of pomegranate to give a rich colour and flavour to the salad.
  • Fresh soybean in cabbage cups- The distinctive combination of soybean with cabbage gives it a perfect blend and a mixture of true nutrition married to the fresh spices and herbs. The cabbage cups are filled with the soybean delight which is tasty and yummy.
  • Chilli corn cakes- The corn cakes which are deeply fried to golden browns are bathed in the authentic Thai herbs and spices; It is easy to cook and is best served with green chilli sauce.

It is not an end to what is served on the table, but Thai recipes in hindi are plunged with Thai spices that not only render the spellbinding aromas but also the different taste to every dish served on the table.


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